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Traditional Healing

Shamanic traditions existed long before what is commonly thought of as "civilized society." These practices were born out of a time when there was no perceived separation between the physical world and the spirit world.  They have been used by indigenous people cross-culturally for tens of thousands of years to connect with the Creator for guidance and healing of individuals and the larger community. 


If our current industrial and agricultural infrastructure ceased to exist, these traditions would remain, as necessary components for practice are, simply, the human heart and reverence for all that is wild. 

Practitioners devote their life to building and maintaining intimate relationships with the spirit world: spirits of land and place, elemental forces, spirit guides, ancestors and non-human beings such as animals, stones and plants. 


They are highly trained to navigate the spirit realm with the help of these guides in order to bring back healing and guidance  to those who ask in search of wholeness.


Practitioners allow Great Spirit to use their heart, mind, body and soul to bring forth the healing for dis-ease that has ruptured one's spirit or soul.  It is a life devotion and a holy privilege to do this work.