About Me

My name is Andrea Leigh Rubalcaba-Berry.  I am a queer, white-passing person of mixed heritage.  I am the daughter of a faithful woman of Mexican/Yaqui lineage and a vibrant man of Scottish and English descent.  I am a toolmaker, artist, heart-centered soul care provider and regular person. It is my dream and purpose to reclaim and celebrate the healing 

traditions of my indigenous ancestors.


My journey has been one of questioning and de-programming the effects of colonial  systems as I learn the stories of my family, and strive to manifest their dreams as part of a legacy of medicine people that extends back before this land was known as America. To me, this land is Mexica, Aztlan, Turtle Island, and it is to her that I give my allegiance.

The last ten years I have spent studying, training, and integrating traditional ceremonial healing practices into my life. I feel extremely honored to have been guided to this path, and humbled to offer these gifts to those in search of healing.  


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The intention I carry while doing this work is to support people who are actively working to recover from, and/or are now ready to face the truth of our shared history, in their process of investigating and healing the trauma of colonization through the ancient technology of ceremony and shamanic modalities.  Decolonization.


For POC*:  Ancient forms of healing such as these allow access to strength and counsel from pre-colonial (word?)ancestors and collective thought forms.  The process of this healing transcends time and space, offering an opportunity to heal generational and present-life trauma that can best be approached by spiritual methods.  This land has so much love to offer, as the trees have witnessed your arrival, and the soil knows the weight of your being. It is a sacred privilege to do this work with you.


For white-passing people of mixed ancestry:  I am intimately familiar with aspects of this complex existence that is yours.  It would be my honor to hold space for healing that will help bring forth clarity and support for your important journey:  I will support you in making medicine out of all it is that you are, and all that you have experienced.  You are not a mistake, and you are not alone. You belong, and are important and vital, each and every part of you. 


For white people:  Healing the ancestral/intergenerational trauma that has led to embodying a supremacist experience and/or view of life can change your experience of yourself and of our world.  It will clear space in your heart that is needed to do the work of continued healing through self-introspection and re-connection with healed ancestors so that you can bring forward your gifts to THIS land, at this time.  


To everyone:  Your healed self is needed to help dismantle, re-vision and recreate a world that is just, reconciled, and truly reflective of our humanity.  I hold a space of loving non-judgment and compassion for you to do this work.  


* I understand you may be drawn to this work, but my light skin may cause hesitation, discomfort, or an even bigger response. I honor and understand that. I am happy to answer any questions you may have prior to working together or provide a referal to a POC practitioner.  Your healing and safety are my priority.