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Beginner's Visioning & Energetic Cleanse

If there is something in your life you need some guidance and healing around, and you are interested in shamanic work, this is a great option.  

In the first part of our session, I will walk you through a short drum journey.  We will talk about protocols and safety,  what to expect and what not to expect. We will then invite in some guides that resonate for you, and work together to form a question or intention for you to ask on your journey.  I will drum for you as you journey for guidance. 

In the second part of our session, we will use whatever guidance was provided to do an energetic cleanse consisting of rattling, extraction, limpia, etc.  I will do the cleansing, and then explain how you can do it yourself. The goal is for you to tap into the spiritual world so you may experience all that is available to you!  

                                                                                         1.25 hrs                 $140

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