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Chord Cutting 

When we have exchanges with other people in our life, be it talking with a neighbor or sharing time with family, we create energetic chords.  This is why we say we feel connected, because we have connected energetically through a chord.  In a healthy exchange with an acquaintance or stranger, there is a reciprocity of good intention paired with integrity that results in a simple returning of the chord to each person upon completion or shortly after.  Or,  with more intimate or closer relationships, such as that of a partner or friend, a chord will remain consistently, hopefully in a healthy state of reciprocity and respect.


However, when we repeatedly have negative, limiting or difficult exchanges with someone, the health of these chords suffer and they start to decay, resulting in the decay of our ability to navigate the relationship and our ability take care of ourselves within it. 


Chord Cutting is a ceremony in which unhealthy energetic chords are removed.  This way, any energy that has been siphoned from us is returned to us, and any energy put on or into us by the other person is returned.  It is a cleansing of sorts, and a way to honor a relationship for the sacredness it held.  It helps with creating boundaries and clean starts.   

                                                                                                 Simple   1-1.25 hrs      $140

                                                                                              Complex   1.5-2 hrs      $230

Simple = cutting chords for one relationship, or more if familiar with process and feel confident in maintaining

Complex = cutting chords for more than one relationship and/or needing additional energetic work, support and/or guidance in order to maintain.

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