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Curse Breaking


Curses carry specific, malicious intentions for manifesting undesirable states of being on another person, family,  place or thing.  Often times curses that are felt today were originally cast upon an ancestor. While people in a family line may experience common forms of hardship through generations, it is helpful to differentiate whether the origin of the hardship is a curse or  a result of oppressive systemic forces.  Both can cause ancestral trauma, and certainly exacerbate the other.  Therefore, discerning the source of it determines the method of healing.  Breaking a curse directly addresses the  supernatural elements called upon to implement and maintain the curse, breaking their agreement with the originator of the curse.  This process brings healing not only to the person whom the curse was placed upon, but also to the one who spun the curse and the beings that upheld it.  

                                                                                      1.5 hrs       $175

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