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Heart Immersion

Our heart is the home of our destiny.  In this process, we invite the four chambers of your heart into the room to share what wisdom they hold.  Each chamber represents a different facet of your life: 


How you view yourself - How do you feel about yourself currently?  What would help your feelings of self-worth improve? What is holding you back from feeling worthy of the life you envision? 

Right livelihood -  What is your divine purpose on earth?  What gifts do you have that will support you in a way that feels authentic and in line with your values?  What do you love to do that makes you loose sense of time, that you feel no hesitancy in focusing your energy on that simultaneously feeds your soul?  If that feels too far out of reach, what can you do now to take steps towards a more fulfilling means of supporting yourself?

Romantic or love relationship - What does your heart yearn for in terms of intimate relationships?  What would help the state of the relationship(s) you are in at the present time?  Are there things that have been unsaid that need to be expressed?  What would serve your highest good at this time, and in the future in terms of intimate relationships, or intimacy in general?  Are there things from the past that need to be healed?  What is to be celebrated?!!

Family/Community - Who is present in my life that I am connected to by blood or spirit, or both, that holds a special place in my heart?  Ex. - children, siblings, extended family, chosen family, friends, special co-workers) What messages do they have for me about our relationship?  How does our relationship contribute to the larger dynamic of our shared and extended community?

This is a wonderful way to shine a light on your beautiful heart and re-ignite your inspiration!


                                                                                                          1.25 hrs    $140

Heart Immersion

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