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Drum Midwifery and Medicine Tools

Drum Midwifery
Drum Midwifery

Drums are birthed.  They are living beings with a purpose and medicine all their own.  Like a midwife supports a mother in giving birth to a child in a very personal, natural way, I can support you in birthing a drum in a way that deepens your intimate relationship with the animals and trees who have come for transformation.  

Class size ranges from one-on-one to four people.  

Larger groups by request.  


Workshops at other locations will be priced to reflect travel expenses.

Custom drum - I would be honored to birth a drum for you.

Please click below for options.

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Sacred Tools
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Sacred Tools

Tools used for healing carry us, as they do the work.  Rattles, wings, extraction and cleansing tools come into form just like drums in that they hold the medicine of the animals and plants that have come forth for transformation.  

I can teach you how to bring a rawhide rattle into being, or support you in making your own custom tool from various offerings such as antlers, shells, and feathers.


Making a rawhide rattle requires two separate appointments.

Rattlemaking class size - one-on-one up to four

Larger groups by request.

Workshops at other locations will be priced to reflect travel expense.

Custom tools -  I would be honored to birth a tool for you.

Please click below for options.

Protection Medicine
Protection Medicine

Protection medicine is a form of spiritual support that can take many forms.  My favorite form is a small pouch containing natural elements worn as a long necklace around the neck that can be in contact with the wearer's skin.  This is a powerful form of support that can add the stability of psychic and energetic protection in times of transition, new phases of life or as an added shield when doing any type of work, be it healing, corporate or construction.  


After an intial interview, I will pray and journey on your behalf to see what elements come forward to be in your piece and the reason for their inclusion.  This will be a special prescription of natural beings that have come forth specifically for you.  I will do what is required to gather what comes forward and prepare it for creation.  Sometimes that means hiking to a specific location.

Please note that this process happens on

it's own.  I guesstimate 4-8 weeks, but please

know this is on Spirit's time line.  

Each piece is priced individually. 


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