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Compassionate Depossession

Humans are porous creatures by nature.  We can become possessed with ideas, beliefs, or entities that take up residence in our being.  As our energy levels fluctuate with the daily and more pronounced events of life, we are subject to taking on rigid systems of thought in an effort to feel a sense of stability.  We are also subject to "picking up" entities that are suffering - they find comfort in your being, as you become an unknowing or knowing host to their needs.  


Compassionate Depossession is a gentle way to remove any of these ideas or beliefs that cause suffering.  It is also an effective way to offer healing to any suffering being who resides in you, and invite them to move on to a place that is better suited for them (not YOUR body!)  The space and energy these things took up can then be filled with your own essence, helping you to become stronger, more flexible, boundaried and all together more healthy.  

                                                                                                           1.5 hrs     $175

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