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Custom Drum Options

My intention in doing this work is to create legacy tools...ones that you or the person they are intended for will want to will keep forever and pass on to loved ones.  They can be for a specific modality, or multipurpose, which is usually how they come alive anyways, but always with the intention to hold you in your work/life in all ways - honoring the past, supporting, expanding and intimating the present to bring you into the future as you and your ancestors would dream it and beyond.

Option 1:  Comprehensive Custom

We start with a scheduled phone call - I will ask you some comprehensive intake questions regarding your practice and the intention for the drum...this will include however much of your story (personal, ancestral, livelihood...all woven together)  you would like to share!  We will talk about how you envision using the drum, deeper intentions, specific needs, any do's and don'ts or preferences such as size, hide type, colors, etc.  I can answer any questions you may have for me, and once it feels like we are in a good place, I then ask for your permission to do the work.  I keep all my written notes from our conversation on my active altar (in an envelope/box for privacy) throughout the remainder of the process.  HIPAA X 1000. 


In the following days, I then do an intense prayer session with my guides and yours (one of the permissions) to find out everything about the drum - the basic design, the medicine inside and outside and the purpose behind them...if you opt for color and/or some type of image, I draw it up and start gathering the medicine.  I can send you the mockup if you like,  or we can keep it a surprise. 


Then, when the time is right, I go to work!  I prepare, cut and weave the drum all while holding your intentions...this always brings forward information as the work happens, and I write that all down and give it to you with the completed drum. I would say a generous guesstimate is 4 weeks from whenever we have our phone call, if you decide it is a go.   That gives me ample time to source the right hide (I hand pick it), any medicines needed for the hide presoak and for the bano, and it lets the whole process be framed in a restorative way.  

$550 plus shipping-  $250 deposit upon intake phone call, $300 upon completion

Option 2:  Standard Custom

Drums have magic, whether I pray for specific guidance around it or just make it with an intention of love.  With this option, you pick the hide and the size (16"-20") and I make it.  I will just let spirit do it's thing: )  If you want to send me a handwritten list of intentions you would like me to put under the hide bath as is softens, or send me an herb mixture to put in the bath, you are welcome to do that!  You essentially are paying for materials, and my hands, time and craftsmanship.  

$400 total plus shipping - $250 deposit - $150 upon completion

Other options:

My prices reflect the amount of time, attention and experience, both as a craftsperson and as a shamanic practitioner, that I weave into the drum.   And, I understand the importance of different price points: not all drums are meant to be sold at that price point, and some drums aren't even to be sold at all.  I sometimes have drums that I produce that are either made as demos in a class or were made as testers for a new technique that I am happy to sell at a reduced price or pay-what-you-can.  These are some of the most beautiful sounding drums, as they possess a special medicine all their own. You can always ask if any are available.  Another lower fee option is to attend one of my seasonal donation- based drum making workshops.  Click below to learn more.  

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