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Medicine Wheel Journey

This offering is a comprehensive journey of learning, inventory, assessment, unwinding, reweaving, healing and empowerment.  It is designed to help you make changes within and without in a way that honors the medicine of this land, and within yourself. The Medicine Wheel is not a framework for living, it is a spiritual  and manifest landscape where eternal beings reside that are available for reciprocitous relationships, a way of living in concert with the land, it's creatures, and the beauty of your own heart.  Click on a direction for a glimpse of the gifts that direction holds and a brief description of the work we will do together there.  The work we do together in each section is customized to your specific needs.  

Read more about the Medicine Wheel 

Each Direction includes:

  •  Introductory material sent pre-appointment

  •  One hour platica (heart to heart talk)

  •  Self study homework

  •  Guided meditation

  •  One 1.5 hour synthezing/healing session 

                   - includes email support 

Pricing and grouping ideas:

  • Single Direction - $350

  • Cardinal Directions - East, South, West, Nort

  • Comprehensive - includes the Cardinal and Ordinal Directions 

  • Mother Earth/Father Sky/Integrative Spirit Trio 

A short Enrollment Questionnaire will be sent for completion before scheduling.  We can work together seasonally, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Please know while there is reading and writing involved, the big work is self-reflection and experiential, which means integration time is necessary. 

Sessions to be paid at the time of scheduling. 

If you are interested in this program but are facing financial hardship at this time, contact me.  Let's talk.

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