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Working with people on a day to day basis can take it's toll, no matter what line of work you are in.  Whether you are a body worker, teacher, activist, customer service rep, work in the food industry, sex worker, manual laborer, hi-tech analyst, animal care-taker, healthcare provider or in sales, our jobs require CONSTANT GIVING.  Even if we have EXCELLENT energetic boundaries, as humans, we are wired to be affected and effected by the interactions of our days, and sometimes a little help is required to "get the love back," whether you are  well-established in your right livelihood, or working to maintain life as you uncover it.  

Come in, lay down, and allow me the honor of helping REFRESH YOUR SOUL.  Receiving care based in love and respect is an act of self love.  Let me take care of you for an hour.  Rattling, drumming, smoke, herbs, limpia, extraction...whatever is needed to help you RE-member so you can continue doing your good work in this world.  For the client, this is my most passive offering.  Don't want to talk?  perfect.  Want to know everything that is going on?  perfect.  Want to change your mind in the middle and listen to sounds of the forest, or Rage Against the Machine as I remove what's not yours?  also perfect.  


                                                                                                                  1 hr.       $125

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