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Ancestral Medicine


Trees, plants, animals, the wind, the water,  mountains, soil, stars and sun are all our ancestors.  They are living beings that have existed long before humans.  With a consciousness and intelligence that transcends what we see with just our eyes, they are a sacred source of wisdom when we allow ourselves to listen to their guidance - -guidance that always, ALWAYS, comes from a place of serving the highest good of all our relations.  Our existence is intricately intertwined with their existence, meaning how we tend to our relationship with them directly affects us.  They are the guides to this medicine.

The people who have lived before us, both blood relation or chosen kin, are also ancestors.  They are guides within this medicine.  We work with the compassionate, good and true ancestors to heal the ancestors that aren't, which in turn, heals us.

Angels, compassionate, good and true spirits both human and non-human, are guides to this medicine.

I believe that de-centering humans will be what brings us into right relationship with these beings, our communities and ourselves.  That doesn't mean we forsake our means we heal our humanity by looking to the eternal spirits of the elements and the wisdom of those that have come before us, human and non-human, so that we may live in a way that is in alignment with the natural cycles of life and serves the land that gives us everything:  food, shelter, language, dance and play.  

Love yourself, kill colonialism. 


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Access is important.  I'm working on ways to get funding to do community care and to supplement/implement a sliding scale - part of my dream for Yoemia. For the time being, I have set up a donation fund. If you would like to help someone in need of service/ceremony, please donate. All donations used for direct service/ceremony expenses. 

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