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A home retains a living memory, much like a fingerprint, of all the experiences of the past that have happened there. As all living things long to be in health and in balance, as does the spirit of our home and the land it is on.  A house blessing is an ancient way to bring balance, joy and peace to a home.


Wherever you reside or work, the structure of the building and the land carries the energy of all those that have been there, be they the builders or former inhabitants.  Sometimes the spirits of people who have died in the structure or on the land may remain, or spirits that are attached to a current resident are making themselves known.  Negative energy buildups from life happenings such as divorce, abuse, or historical tragedy will impact the current resident’s ability to feel at home.   Just as when our bodies are in a state of disease, symptoms arise to tell us that something is out of balance, so does our home display symptoms of unrest.   Strange feelings, sightings, unusual activity and discord are the home's and land's way of communicating things are out of balance and need tending to.  

A house blessing is a ritual to appeal to the forces of nature and spirit to gain guidance in order to move forward in concert with the structure and land.  Practitioners are trained in listening to and helping spirits of deceased pass over to the next realm where they can have peace, as well as locating and extracting negative energies that are causing discord in the house.  Once these energies are cleared, the residents’ authentic intentions for the space are woven into and sealed into the home with the support of spirit allies.  This is a wonderful way to begin life at a new home, or to renew life at a long time residence.

Time ranges from 3 hours (ex. small office) to 8 plus.

*  Larger properties may require consultation before ceremony.

Contact for pricing.  Minimum $450

** An ally is required for this service.


Land-House-Business Blessing

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