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Intuitive Reading

Spirit allies are always working on our behalf to help us navigate the trials of life and become our fullest selves.  They are consistently sending messages through symbols, ideas, feelings and sounds.  However, it takes openness and practice to listen to these messages, trusting our intuition in order to fully comprehend the meaning within them.  Just as in any new relationship, it takes time for both people involved to understand the intricate language of the other, it is in learning the language of spirit.


Shamanic practitioners are trained in translating messages from spirit to help you find the guidance you seek in your life and to help you begin your conversation with spirit.  


In this hour session, the practitioner will help address issues of the past, present and future by tuning into spirt with your permission, on your behalf.  These readings offer a fulfilling form of guidance that often results in affirmation, clues to holistic solutions, new comfort in your path as well as comfort in the mystery of spirit. 


This is a great tool for those beginning a spiritual journey, or anyone feeling overwhelmed by modern life, to connect and get closer to the source. 


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