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Just need an hour reading?

Intuitive Session

My work has transformed through the years, and this 1.5 - 2 hour format is a reflection of that.  This allows for a fuller, more comprehensive experience. While an intuitive reading used to consist of simply reporting back what is seen and shared, now a session includes all relevant aspects of all the ceremonies, so that any healing that can safely take place during our time together can. We start with an intake, where we discuss what your  intention is for our small ceremony (desired results as in feelings, healing, clarity, etc.) I then call in the spirits and let them guide the ceremony.  We may do a reading of the energetic body and explore the story that created the current conditions. Then we energetically extract anything ready to go such as old thought patterns and/or emotional blockages (aspects of Chord Cutting or Curse Breaking if called for). We may venture through the 4 chambers of the heart to see what lives there and address any healing that is needed (aspects of Heart Immersion - this is where our life dream/destiny reside) and then have a reintroduction of any soul parts that want to return, or gifts from spirit (aspects of Soul Retrieval Ceremony).   

We finish with practical guidance for continued healing and insight into how to develop intimacy with your own spirituality.


                                                                          1.5 - 2 hr              $230

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