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Land Consultation

All things come from the land:  our bodies, our nourishment, our shelter, language, dance and play.  A land-based culture is one that is truly sustainable.  If you are interested in adopting changes in your life that are centered around your relationship with the land you live on, a Land Consultation is a beautiful way to start.  

Land can never be "owned."  It was here long before us, and will remain long after us, so it is more accurate to say it hosts us, and what is true is that we belong to it.  We are here for the time we have to live in concert with it, giving and receiving all the rich gifts it has to offer.  


I love to listen to the land.  As a living being, it has it's own stories that help support it's ability to thrive, as well as stories that have caused injury.  And just like humans are built to heal, so can the land heal.  In a Land Consultation, I come and spend time on your land, listening, empathizing, and asking questions about it's needs and desires.  I do whatever healing I can safely do as a single human.  If there is larger healing that requires a land/house blessing, we can discuss it.  


Also, if you would like me to hold space for you while you listen to the land, I can facilitate that as well.  I can drum while you and I listen together.  

Have you recently "purchased" or "acquired" land? (I invite you to consider adopting language that reflects care-taking instead of dominion)  Recently moved to a new place?  Felt disconnected to the place you have lived for a while?  Wanting to "develop" land?  A Land Consultation is a great way to get to the most essential, primal, starting place so that you can make decisions that serve all your relations.


                                                   approx  $125 per hour



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