Intuitive Session 

My work has transformed through the years, and this 1.5 - 2 hour format is a reflection of that.  This allows for a fuller, more comprehensive experience. While an intuitive reading used to consist of simply reporting back what is seen and shared, now a session includes all relevant aspects of all the ceremonies, so that any healing that can safely take place during our time together can. We start with an intake, where we discuss what your  intention is for our small ceremony (desired results as in feelings, healing, clarity, etc.) I then call in the spirits and let them guide the ceremony.  We may do a reading of the energetic body and explore the story that created the current conditions. Then we energetically extract anything ready to go such as old thought patterns and/or emotional blockages (aspects of Chord Cutting or Curse Breaking if called for). We may venture through the 4 chambers of the heart to see what lives there and address any healing that is needed (aspects of Heart Immersion - this is where our life dream/destiny reside) and then have a reintroduction of any soul parts that want to return, or gifts from spirit (aspects of Soul Retrieval Ceremony).   

We finish with practical guidance for continued healing and insight into how to develop intimacy with your own spirituality.


                                                                                                    1.5 - 2 hr              $230

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Soul Retrieval

From the shamanic perspective, soul loss is at the core of dis-ease and illness.


When we experience trauma or sustained stress in our lives, parts of our soul, or our true essence, leave our body to find safety in the spirit world. If these parts don’t return, we continue to function without them. Other parts of our being work harder to compensate for the lack of wholeness, causing us to become unbalanced. Without these estranged parts of our soul, we are not able to live whole-heartedly and receive the gifts of a healthy body, a healthy mind and healthy relationships.


A shamanic practitioner deals with the spiritual aspect of illness and dis-ease. They are trained to navigate the spirit world with the help of the drum and their spiritual allies, in order to search out and invite home the soul parts that are ready and willing to return at this time.  Upon collecting the parts, the practitioner will blow the parts back into you through your heart and the top of your head.  The result is a more whole, full, vital version of YOU.  As these parts become re-integrated into your being, the more empowered you become.

This ceremony includes the presence of a trained drummer. 


 This ceremony requires an ally **                       3+ ceremonial hrs.       $525

Healer's Renewal

Working with people on a day to day basis can take it's toll, no matter what line of work you are in.  Whether you are a body worker, teacher, activist, customer service rep, work in the food industry, sex worker, manual laborer, hi-tech analyst, animal care-taker, healthcare provider or in sales, our jobs require CONSTANT GIVING.  Even if we have EXCELLENT energetic boundaries, as humans, we are wired to be affected and effected by the interactions of our days, and sometimes a little help is required to "get the love back," whether you are  well-established in your right livelihood, or working to maintain life as you uncover it.  

Come in, lay down, and allow me the honor of helping REFRESH YOUR SOUL.  Receiving care based in love and respect is an act of self love.  Let me take care of you for an hour.  Rattling, drumming, smoke, herbs, limpia, extraction...whatever is needed to help you RE-member so you can continue doing your good work in this world.  For the client, this is my most passive offering.  Don't want to talk?  perfect.  Want to know everything that is going on?  perfect.  Want to change your mind in the middle and listen to sounds of the forest, or Rage Against the Machine as I remove what's not yours?  also perfect.  


                                                                                                                  1 hr.       $125

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Other Services  

Beginner's Visioning and Energetic Cleanse

If there is something in your life you need some guidance and healing around, and you are interested in shamanic work, this is a great option.  

In the first part of our session, I will walk you through a short drum journey.  We will talk about protocols and safety,  what to expect and what not to expect. We will then invite in some guides that resonate for you, and work together to form a question or intention for you to ask on your journey.  I will drum for you as you journey for guidance. 

In the second part of our session, we will use whatever guidance was provided to do an energetic cleanse consisting of rattling, extraction, limpia, etc.  I will do the cleansing, and then explain how you can do it yourself. The goal is for you to tap into the spiritual world so you may experience all that is available to you!  

                                                                                                                 1 hr.      $125