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Soul Retrieval


Common ways soul loss occurs:


  • Physical trauma – car accident, animal bite, bicycle accident, sporting injury or any major physical impact

  • Difficult birth into the world, including gestation, absence of initiatory celebrations

  • Miscarriage, abortion

  • Familial separation 

  • Abuse – sexual (incest, rape, molestation), mental, physical, all forms of neglect or bullying

  • Loss of relationship – romantic (divorce), familiar, close friends or admired ones

  • Death – of a loved one (human or animal)

  • Loss of job, home, other investments of time or money

  • Living in oppressive systems**

    • racial discrimination/violence​

    • gender-based discrimination/violence

    • discrimination/violence based on sexual orientation

    • religious persecution

    • continued economic hardship

    • ableist culture

    • fat-phobic culture

  • Living separate from the land

  • Prolonged isolation

  • Difficulty around identity

**Trauma from historical oppression can be passed on through generations.  This ceremony is healing for you and your ancestors. 

It is important to know that trauma is subjective.  It may be something very simple or something that is thought of as less extreme that has caused soul loss for some, such as a difficult yet profound interaction with someone, or many small interactions over the course of time. 



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