Soul Retrieval

From the shamanic perspective, soul loss is at the core of dis-ease and illness.


When we experience trauma or sustained stress in our lives, parts of our soul, or our true essence, leave our body to find safety in the spirit world. If these parts don’t return, we continue to function without them. Other parts of our being work harder to compensate for the lack of wholeness, causing us to become unbalanced. Without these estranged parts of our soul, we are not able to live whole-heartedly and receive the gifts of a healthy body, a healthy mind and healthy relationships.


A shamanic practitioner deals with the spiritual aspect of illness and dis-ease. They are trained to navigate the spirit world with the help of the drum and their spiritual allies, in order to search out and invite home the soul parts that are ready and willing to return at this time.  Upon collecting the parts, the practitioner will blow the parts back into you through your heart and the top of your head.  The result is a more whole, full, vital version of YOU.  As these parts become re-integrated into your being, the more empowered you become.

                                                                                                                                                      3 - 4 hours 

**This ceremony requires an ally.

Common ways soul loss occurs:


Physical trauma – car accident, animal bite, bicycle accident, or any major physical impact (difficult birth into the world)

Abuse – sexual (incest, rape, molestation), mental, physical, all forms of neglect or bullying


Loss of relationship – romantic (divorce), familiar, close friends or admired ones


Death – of a loved one (including pets)


Loss of job, home, other investments of time or money

 **It is important to know that trauma is subjective.  It may be something much more simple or something less extreme, that has caused soul loss for some, such as a difficult yet profound interaction with someone.



Some symptoms include:


Sudden or gradual onset of feeling apathetic, numb, or “dead”


Crippled initiative


Inability to stay physically healthy due to compromised immune system


Chronic illness


Memory gaps


Addiction to alcohol, food, sex, TV, shopping, etc.


Difficulty moving forward after death or divorce


 Feeling of being “stuck”, loss of resilience or inability to understand why you can’t “get out of this”


Depression, personality disorders, other states of mental dis-ease



**Soul retrieval is for anyone who wishes to deepen their relationship with themselves, with others, with the earth and with spirit. Soul retrieval can help you change your experience of life.