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I don’t know if words can thoroughly describe my transformational experience with Andrea during a recent soul retrieval session. They held the space in such a lovely way! This allowed for me to exist on another level, grieve, to just be in a way that brought me back to myself more wholeheartedly….I haven’t felt this aligned and attuned in years. Andrea has a special gift and brings with her the knowledge and tact of a perspective that’s laced with best practices in equity and accessibility. She has a way of connecting to people and places beyond this realm that is deeply intuitive, incredible and affirming. I so very much look forward to working with her in the future! 

                                                - Porter

                                                Seattle, WA

Choosing an officiant for your wedding is usually such a big decision, but in our case, it was easy to choose Andrea. She had officiated at many other shamanic ceremonies I had participated in, so I had seen firsthand how she led ceremonies with her quiet but strong integrity.  

We had 4 zoom meetings with her months before the wedding. During these meetings, she acted as an attentive sounding board for our hopes and fears and helped us flesh out how we wanted our day to look. She also gave us valuable guidance and mini homework assignments in between zoom sessions.  

Since this was a second marriage for both of us, there were parents, children, grandchildren and friends that were coming together. Andrea was able to push the “blend” button with all these different parties; holding space with her quiet, yet confident leadership skills, and doing it all with her own vulnerability and humor. 

In the end, the event was better than we could have ever hoped. The the impressions I gathered from attendees were that the wedding seemed to take on a larger purpose than just our marriage; it also became a healing ceremony, and I credit so much of that to Andrea. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is thinking of getting hitched!

                                              - L. Peterson

                                            Boise, ID

The sweetly rich relationship Andrea has with Great Spirit and her healing allies is so evident in the energy coursing through the sacred tools she birthed for me.  She  approached the opportunity with delightful enthusiasm, meticulous care and admirable integrity.  Although I was not present for the birthing, she carried me in the consciousness as though I was.  In this way, I was having my own sacred experience which made the day she delivered my drum all the more special.  I have recommended Andrea to my friends and colleagues because I trust Andrea deeply to be a conduit for Spirit's great work.

                                - Kristopher L.

                                   Seattle, WA

I called on Andrea to do my business blessing a few years ago.  The space we rented has had many businesses come and go.  It had sat empty for 9 months prior to our acquisition of the space. Three years later we are still here(which is a feat often commented on by the local population which has witnessed the merri-go-round effect with prior businesses here.)  Andrea's work has profoundly affected and protected the success and emerging identity of the vision of my sacred business.  She connected it and me to protective spirits for the gallery.  These spirits warned me of a betrayal AS IT WAS HAPPENING!!!  (through the dreamtime) and assured that I found out about it and took care of it.  Without her work I am sure we would not be here.  We are so grateful to her, she is a phenomenal human being and deeply gifted shamanic practitioner. 

                                                      - Ashley R.

                                            San Juan Island, WA

Andrea has served as my shamanic practitioner two times:  once on our land and once for my beautiful Prius.

She came out to our land in the foothills of the arcades to work with our low yield well.  My husband was nervous about bringing her out to our place; but the moment Andrea stepped out of her truck, it felt to us that she was beginning a conversation with the land - as opposed to giving it orders.

She gave us strong and clear directions regarding how we could feed the waters of the land.  It was a ceremony filled with love that brought my husband and me closer to the property as well as to each other; and the water flowed freely that summer!

The next time I hired Andrea was after my friend sold me a Prius she had acquired after a tragedy had occurred near the car.  The car felt sad and heavy so I asked Andrea if she would bless it.  Again, it was an event filled with power, light, levity and love and at the end of the ceremony, Andrea gave me a power song for the car and instructions for its highest use.  To this day, when anyone gets into my Prius, I quote Andrea: "This car loves to drive and it LOVES guests!"

I would gladly employ Andrea for any shamanic work in the future.  She is a powerful, gentle and skillful intuitive who knows her craft.

                            - Lori P.

                               Duvall, WA

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