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*Please plan for a masked class.

I am excited to offer this introductory in-person class at Sukha!


Here is what to look forward to:

  • Weekly learnings about the directions of the Medicine Wheel:  Get acquainted with the seasons, elements, spirit beings and symbols associated with each direction.  Learn how they can help you to honor your own cycles, rhythms and timing, aid in transition, and support your heart-centered vision for a sustainable, meaningful life.  Understand how a relationship with this Indigenous way of participating in the world can help you connect to this land and your own ancestry in simple, respectful, important ways.

  • Weekly drum journeys for wisdom and guidance, weekly rattle journeys to invite self-healing.  

  • Weekly intuitive exercises to build and gain confidence in trusting your own intuition. 

  • Share your intentions, questions, introspections, desires and needs at your comfort level. Benefit from the synergistic dynamic of group work.  


 ** After class, there is 1 hour of open time to socialize, eat, and/or work on art projects we start in class. 

Like the wildebeest, if we work as a group, we can really go the distance! Let's see where we can go and what we can create, individually and as a community. 

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