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In this workshop, I share all that time allows about making rawhide drums:

- Significance of the drum and how it's used ceremonially

- Where to source hides and hoops

- How to prepare the hide, including how to come into proper relationship  with the spirit of the animal and trees    whose body we are creating with

- Symbolism 

- Best practices and mechanics

- Finer points of working with each          type of hide

- Drum care

There will be a dinner break. 

Please bring a dish to share.

**We will be pulling drums with a partner.  If you have a friend or family member taking class with you, that is wonderful.  If you are coming on your own, there will be someone lovely to match with.   

This event is at ArtWorks Edmonds.

There is off-street parking in the ArtWorks lot.  There are two single stall restrooms.

The next workshop will be in late Jan or early February... 
Check back or contact me for updates.
*One-on-one sessions are available by appointment


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